My Journey to be a Cut Flower Farmer

The Past

Over the past 20 years, I have had a couple different jobs and careers. I have worked in Vancouver and Whistler in construction project management and worked as a commercial banker in the Okanagan. I’ve also had a myriad of part-time and seasonal jobs as I worked my way through university to a Master of Science degree from the University of Bath, UK.

However, I’ve always been drawn back to my very first “job”, at age 5. I picked flowers in the wee hours of the morning, from my mom’s garden and went to the local farmers market to sell fresh, local produce and flowers. I realize now, just how ahead of the trend my mom really was; it’s time for me to get back to my roots and to do what I really want- to work with flowers. Soooo….

The Present

I am now in the business of growing beautiful, local, often heirloom, flowers in a sustainable manner. On this journey, I am now farming alongside my husband, as he looks after our dairy cows, I am cultivating flowers. There are so many options to choose from so I’ve picked varieties that I love, smell great and have a long vase life.

This past year was my first year in this business and I learned a lot, had great support from my customers and it went so well that I have now expanded my growing area by four times!

In order to make sure that I am offering the best product and service to my customers I completed a 6-week intensive training program on how to be a small-scale flower farmer, through the wonderful Floret Flowers.  In order to work on my floral design skills, I travelled to Paris, France in March 2019. There I attended the Catherine Muller Flower School and had my eyes opened to the vast possibilities of floral design.

This is all happening while I balance being a mom to three, wonderful little kids and the wife of a dairy farmer. If you want to see more of the dairy side of our farm, you can check out this video. The horse pasture you see at the beginning has now turned into flowers.

The Future

My goal is to work with my family on our farm, bring some home-grown beauty into other people’s lives and learn a new trade.

You can following our journey on Instagram.

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North Okanagan Flower Farmer
North Okanagan Flower Farm