Our Growing Philosophy

We grow almost everything that we sell. Most of our flowers and foliage are started in the late winter/ early Spring from seed, corm or tuber. We grow mostly heirloom, unusual and hard to find varieties, along with some more traditional favorites. Some of our most beloved flowers include: anenomes and ranunculus in their many color variations, peonies, Cafe au Lait dahlia’s, cupcake blush cosmos, David Austin roses, sweetpeas and celosia in its many lovely versions. We love searching for new, interesting varieties and trying different types of plants as cut flowers.  On our farm we have over 100 varieties that we grow and love. You can check out our Instagram page to see what is happening and to get a peak at what is coming up.

We grow flowers that smell great, look stunning and last a long time! 

Our farm is all about growing beautiful flowers in a sustainable, efficient and environmentally friendly way. Our little kids help me work with the flowers on a daily basis, so I don’t want to use anything that would be potentially dangerous for them, or the flowers. Therefore, we strive to find natural and organic solutions wherever possible.

The fertilizer for our flowers comes from the cows and horses on our farm!

We create our own compost using discarded material from the cut flowers and other garden leftovers like lawn clippings and leaves, let the worms and heat do the work and then reuse it to feed the next generation of flowers.

The weeds are kept at bay by using a metal template to burn holes at specific intervals, in  6ft wide, Sunbelt landscape fabric– the flowers grow in the holes, the weeds don’t have space to grow. This is a wonderful system that I learned about from Floret flowers.

Flowers are watered by drip irrigation to minimize evaporation and to protect the petals (the flower petals take a beating when they are watered by an overhead sprinkler). This is both conserves water and results in better blooms.

We have a minimal waste attitude, especially as it relates to our packaging. When I buy flowers during the winter months, I hate having to cut open plastic wrapping- it’s such a waste. This is why we make sure that our packaging is recyclable or compostable. Our bouquets are tied with twine and wrapped in kraft paper, with paper labels.

We do not use floral foam- EVER.

Our bunches are tied with a single elastic and when necessary, wrapped with kraft paper sleeves, to protect the flowers- we want to ensure that this is minimal to no damage to the flowers in transport, so that our customers don’t have to toss less than ideal flowers, because that is wasteful too.

We harvest our flowers every morning and evening, placing them directly into water, to ensure that our clients receive the freshest, longest lasting stems. We then sort, process and store our fresh flower in our cooler to maintain optimal freshness.

We want happy clients, healthy flowers and a sustainable farm.