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  • Little Flora Gem herbs for 2018

    Herbs for 2018

    Herbs we are planning for 2018: Anise Basil- multiple varieties Borage Camomile Chevil Chives Cilantro Dill Lavender Lemon Balm Lovage Mint- Various Nasturtium- various Oregano Parsley Rosemary Sage Sorrel Tyme- various

  • Little Flora Gem sweetpea's

    Flowers for 2018

    What we are planning for 2018: Allium Amaranth- various Anemone- white, burgundy, red, blue Aster- various Bells of Ireland Bupleurum Calendula Celosia- various Chinese lantern Chocolate lace flower Cosmo- Cupcake blush Cosmo- Double click cranberry Dahlia- various Foxtail lily Iris Love-in-the-mist- African Bride Natratium, various Pincushion-various Peony- various Queen Anne’s Lace- Queen of Africa Ranunclus- Mixed Rose- various hybrid tea roses Rose- various David Austin roses Scabiosa Snapdragon- various Stocks-…