Why Buy Local Flowers?

Did you know that most of the flowers that you buy in the grocery store are imported from South America, Europe and Africa! I didn’t know this until I started flower farming.


What happens when you switch to buying local flowers?

You create local jobs by providing a living wage for your local farmer, keep your money in the local community economy, support local agriculture, create biodiversity and make a lovely home from your local bees.

You also help to preserve farm land, minimize the environmental impact from the typical long, complex transportation of imported flowers.

Best of all, you get fresher, long lasting flowers that smell the way your grandma’s flowers used to smell! In the same way that a strawberry purchased at your local farmers market tastes like an actual strawberry, local flowers smell great and since they have been picked at the optimal time and sent very little time in transit, they last a lot longer than your typical grocery flowers.


It also feels good and is good for your soul!


Wherever possible, we buy local too!

Want to find our more? Visit www.localflowers.org and www.slowflowers.com